About Us

At PECRON, we believe in Renewable Is The Future!

PECRON was founded in 2012, with a series of marketable outdoor power stations, we captured market opportunities and started to build our brand image and focused on developing high-quality, efficient and environmental friendly solutions for you to access power wherever you go.

We're aiming to make portable energy storage attainable to everyone! Unlike many ODM's brands on the market, Pecron design, produce and sell products ourselves globally. We don't charge our customer for the advertising, maintenance or other factors included in making of a Starbucks-like device. This is the reason that why Pecron is much more affordable than other brands:

Today we have a range of battery-powered generators (up to 3000W) from 200Wh to 6,000Wh to satisfy the needs of diverse group of customers such as campers, explorers, RV or boat owners, survivalists, disaster relief workers and etc.

Whether you’re a van-dweller hitting the road in search of adventure, a contractor with a truck full of tools, a camping enthusiast looking for a few creature comforts while getting back to nature, or an environmentally-conscientious homeowner looking to slash your power bill, Pecron will be a perfect choice, and it's right here on https://www.pecron.com