E2000LFP + 2 EB3000

Expandable up to 8064Wh


Larger Capacity-Back up your life anytime

PECRON E3000 2000W 3108Wh


True Peace Of Mind With Full Protection

2000W / UPS Function / XT60 30A Output


Small size, Strong power

E600LFP 1200W 614Wh


E3000: 3108Wh Large Capacity

Max 1300W solar panel input
PV Input: 18V-95V(Voc)
Charging Time: 3-6H
Rated Power: 2000W(Peak Power 4000W)


E2000 LFP: More Than Expandable

LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%
1920Wh Large Capacity
Expandable Up to 8kWh
1-2 Hours Super Fast Charging


Pecron gives good value for money with its new E2000LFP, a 2000W power station based on LFP battery technology and with expandable battery options. Its wide voltage range on two inputs is suitable for 1200W solar charging,

The pecron E2000LFP is one of the newer portable power stations out there, but it’s certainly no slouch. It boasts a 1920Wh LiFePo4 battery that should last you dozens of hours while powering numerous devices. It’s 2000W rated to ensure it can provide plenty of power. And it can be expanded upon too with pecron’s various power stations to keep you off the grid even longer.

I’ve reviewed a handful of portable (and semi-portable) power stations over the years, and there are a couple of things I look for in a good power station now: good battery-to-price ratio ($1 per watt-hour of battery capacity has been the average going rate for a few years now). For all of these scenarios, the ability to attach a decent solar panel array to recharge during the day creates a nice off-the-grid experience. The PECRON Portable Power Station might just tick off all my wants,