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A Journey to Sustainability

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Launching On Indiegogo - S1500

1. The Most Compact Design

2. 1461.6Wh Large Capacity

3. Super Fast Charging

4. 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

5. 25lbs Lightweight

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Why the Pecron?

Unlike many OEM's brands on the market, PECRON design, produce and sell products ourselves globally. We don't charge our customer for the advertising, maintenance or other factors included in making of a Starbucks-like device.

We aiming to make portable energy storage attainable to everyone!

Today, Pecron have a range of battery-powered generators from 200Wh to 6,000Wh to satisfy the needs of diverse group of customers such as campers, explorers, RV or boat owners, survivalists, disaster relief workers and etc.

Don't Just Take Our Word For it!


"This is a very powerful battery that really GETS THE JOB DONE! It can pretty much power anything up to 1000Watts with a 1028Wh battery Capacity. It's a little on the heavy side for a portable battery and weighs a little over 31 lbs."

Shelia Mann

"Better than expected. I strongly recommend you to use it during camping and any travel that is underpowered. Thanks pecron for a great product experience."

Michael J

"The Pecron E1500 is what it is... A portable 1.5 kilowatt lithium battery that lives up to it's standard. I use a 24volt 200 watt Rich Solar solar panel to charge it. In ideal conditions it will charge at 135 watts or more in about 7 hours."