PECRON EP3000 Expansion Battery 3072Wh [PRE-ORDER]

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EP3000 Pre-Order activity is online, now EP3000 is on its way to CA, Due to the weather and is expected to arrive at the CA warehouse for shipment at the early Oct.

  • Capacity: 3072Wh (51.2V/60Ah)
  • LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%.
  • Can be used as an alone DC output.
  • Input: AC Adapter charging /Solar charging / Car charging
  • Solar Input: 400W Max / 15A Max / Voc 12V~95V
  • Car Input: 12Vdc-48Vdc / 400W Max
  • DC Output: XT60 (30A Max) ; PD 100W USB-C ; USB-A; Car Charging
  • Max 2pcs of EP3000-48V can be cascaded to E1500LFP up to 7680Wh!

Style: EP3000

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