Pecron S1500

1461.6Wh Capacity / 1500W Output / 25lbs Smallest /
Super Fast Charging / Compact Design

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Pecron, an under-the-radar brand specialized in portable power source and outdoor energy solutions, is launching our latest model S1500: the most compact portable power station on Indiegogo soon.

The S1500 weights 25lbs with an overall dimension of 13.8"(L)x 7.3"(W)x 10"(H), which is similar to the size of a lid opened MacBook 13". 


The S1500's launch has been delayed, but this will not affect this giveaway event. Thanks for your support!


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1500W Pure Sine Wave Power

With 1,416Wh lithium-ion battery pack at its core, and built-in pure sine wave inverter, S1500 is capable of providing 1,500 watts power to run a wide range of appliances

In The Time Of Blackout

When power goes out unexpectedly, S1500 equips you with reliable power to keep your essentials charged without having to worry about food spoilage or water contamination

Off Grid Working

Up to 1500W power of output, S1500 enables you to operate many heavy-duty tools like electrical saw, drills and trimmer off the grid.

Outdoor Recreation

Whether you are on weekend camping trip or movie night at backyard, S1500 portable power stations is a convenient tool to have at your disposal to provide hours of extra juice wherever and whenever you need it.

Pecron S1500: Most Compact Portable Power Station

Smallness & Portability

S1500 has made significant breakthroughs to stay powerful without compromising mobility and versatility. The high-density battery cells pack more energy into less space, and the multi-layer PCB design minimizes the overall size of L13.8"*W7.3"*H10.2", with no wasted space. The sturdy handle and its lightweight nature(25 lbs) allow you to carry it wherever you go.

Super Fast Charging

We compare Pecron S1500 with the most well-known brands in the industry, S1500 has overwhelming advantage over its rivals in terms of the capability, portability and affordability, especially, the charging time!

All-Around Power Source

Though S1500 is small in size, it is equipped with eight different port options, including fast-charging 4xUSB 3.0 ports, regular 12V DC port, 3x110V AC ports. It can power a wide range of devices and appliances.

Large Capacity Battery 

This leading backup power always keeps you well prepared for any power outages. It is quiet in operation and maintenance-free. Most important, it can give you enough power to run your essential home appliances including refrigerator, coffee maker, electric grill, electric saw, or even your Tesla.

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S1500: Most Compact Portable Power Station